Cat® Next Generation Small Dozers


Replacing the former D3K2, D4K2, and D5K2,and reflecting on the new nomenclature for the entire Cat® Dozer lineup, these Next Generation Small Dozers come packed with their own unique features and options, while still promising you the same strength and durable you expect from Cat standards. The D1, D2, and D3 bring new purpose-built features that are designed with the operator’s comfort and efficiency in mind, ranging from styling changes to a new power unit for better fuel economy and less operator fatigue.


IMPROVED VISIBILITY. The addition of a lower sloping hood line gives the operator greater visibility in peripheral vision areas for better awareness of the machine’s surroundings. Improved visibility over the hood also allows for greater view of the blade’s cutting edge from corner to corner to increase finish grade efficiency. In addition to styling changes beyond just improving visibility, engine service has also improved with easy service access points moved to the right side of the machine.

INTUITIVE OPERATOR INTERFACE. A larger 10-in (254-mm) primary display with color touch screen provides easy access to many of the standard and optional advanced technology features the Next Generation lineup has to offer.

GRADE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. The new blade control system offers the operator simple, intuitive control of the blade to increase productivity and decrease operator fatigue, especially during finish grading. Available as part of the Cat attachment ready option (ARO) for easy scalability to GRADE with 3D control systems, Slope Assist saves time by helping the operator to more easily achieve the desired grade by automatically maintaining the operator’s established blade grade angles. The dozers’ Power Pitch option enables the operator to control blade pitch remotely from the operator’s compartment to optimize blade pitch for blade loading, optimizing machine productivity by up to 6 percent.

FUEL MANAGEMENT AND NEW POWER UNIT. The Cat C3.6 Engine delivers excellent load response and offers both fuel and power management improvements that have been better utilized using adaptive controls to contribute to increased machine productivity and to offer greater fuel economy.


AUTOMATIC TRACTION CONTROL. Reduces track slip when the machine encounters maximum load conditions. This feature does not require operator interaction as on former models. The machine system automatically reduces track slippage by sensing and controlling track speed, and as a result, blade movement is minimized and delivers greater productivity for each
cycle. This helps the operator load the blade more easily, reducing operator fatigue. In return, reducing track slippage also improves undercarriage life.

SLOPE INDICATE. Another standard feature that provides the operator with more control and easier functionality. In hopes to reduce operator fatigue, Slope Indicate allows the operator to have more confidence in slope work without having to go off best guess. Get the job done right the first time with this standard equipment technology.

ECO MODE. Improves fuel economy up to 20% by reducing engine speed when not required. This feature is as easy to use as the simply press of the green leaf button on the rotary throttle dial and Eco Mode will automatically control engine RPM. If changing machine load requires additional engine RPM, Eco Mode allows the engine to deliver maximum speed and power until load decreases.

SLOPE ASSIST (optional). As part of the Attachment Ready Option (ARO) for easy scalability to three-dimensional GRADE control systems, Slope Assist helps the operator more easily achieve the desired blade mainfall and slope by automatically maintaining the operators established blade grade angles. This system helps save time and material so that even less experienced operators can achieve better results, quickly and efficiently.

POWER PITCH (optional). Allows the operator to control blade pitch remotely from the operator station using a hydraulic cylinder mounted to the top rear of the blade. This feature allows the operator to optimize blade pitch during the dozing cycle. An example would be aggressive blade pitch for loading the blade and then laying the blade rearward for optimum carrying and spreading capacity. The result is an increase in machine productivity by up to 6%. Additionally, Blade Pitch may also be optimized to achieve best finish grading performance in various soil conditions, also optional.

AUTOMATIC REVERSING FAN (optional). This reduces debris build up in radiator and engine enclosure areas for less down time. The fan is activated automatically on a periodic basis, requiring no operator interaction.

HINGED RADIATOR GRILL (optional). Provides easy access to the radiator for periodic cleaning that requires no tools and less time spent on maintenance attention when needed.

HEATED CONTROL HANDLES (optional)* Provide heat to the Left and Right joystick control handles whenever desired, activated by the simple flip of a switch.

VENTILATED SEAT (optional)* Easy accessible switch below the seat cushion activates air circulation and provides air circulation to the back and bottom seat cushions. *The ventilated seat attachment is only compatible with EROPS cab machines and comes packaged with HEATED CONTROL HANDLES.

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