Caterpillar’s exclusive design ownership with Off-highway trucks provides advantages by creating a total hauling unit that delivers the best integration of high production, availability, and payload in combination with low operating cost and long life.

The Cat 789D continues the tradition of Caterpillar’s proven 789 Truck with high productivity and lowest in class cost per ton. The 789D features the following:

• Safety and Sustainability. Safety is top priority.

• Engine options to meet regulatory requirements or application specific needs.

• Production capability with nominal payload capacity of 181 metric tons (200 short tons).

• Performance with the 1976 kW (2,100 hp) engine delivers fast speed on grade.

• Access and Egress with a diagonal stairway for primary machine access and 600 mm (24 in) walkways. Another option is the powered ground level access.

• Serviceability to enable safer and more efficient maintenance.

• Larger tire options have been designed into the 789D to provide a broader choice for tires. Applicable hauling conditions will benefit from increased tire life or significant reduction in tire costs.

• Application specific capabilities for extreme ambient conditions, high altitude applications, and extra quiet machine to reduce spectator sound levels.

• A variety of Cat Truck Bodies are available including Mine Specifi c Design (MSD II), X, Combination, Gateless Coal and Dual Slope bodies.


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