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Through our worldwide Caterpillar dealer network, we offer:

  • 75/150 kW Electric Heaters (100% Fume Free)
  • Indirect Fired Heaters 700,000 – 1,380,000 BTU
  • Make-up Air Heater – 600,000 BTU
  • Direct Fired Heaters 400,000 – 3.5 million BTU
  • 24 / 7 Product Support Service
  • Expert Engineering, Maintenance and Support


  • Job Site/Construction Heat
  • General/Building Heat
  • Temporary Shelter
  • Industrial Heat
  • Commercial/Institutional Heating
Serving Businesses in Ohio, Surrounding States & Nationwide.
20 convenient locations throughout Ohio. Our Caterpillar Dealer Network allows us to serve customers Nationwide.

Ohio CAT offers a complete line of power systems rental products. We back our entire equipment line with unmatched technical support and application expertise. Contact us today about turnkey rental solutions for your power, temperature control, and compressed air needs.

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