Next Generation Excavator Technology


The Next Generation 320 and 323 Excavators are factory-equipped with industry-leading technology that takes your time, money, and effort further than ever imaginable. Be more efficient than ever before while reducing fuel consumption and slashing maintenance costs. Cat Next Generation Excavators allow you to work smarter not harder, with new Cat Connect Technology and next generation features that increase your efficiency by up to 45%, slash time and money spent on routine maintenance by up to 15%, and even reduce fuel consumption by up to 25%… All thanks to Cat Connect Technology.


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The Cat 320 and 323 offer the industry’s highest level of standard factory-equipped technology, Cat Connect Technology. Take the productivity of not only your machines, but also your operators, to a whole new level with enhancements that help you get the most out of daily performance. These performance-enhancing factory-equipped features on the 320 and 323 consist of Standard Cat Grade, Standard Cat Grade With Assist, Standard E-Fence, and Standard Cat Payload. With these features, you’ll get more done with less rework and see lower daily operational costs. Learn more about each feature below.


Cat Grade can help all operators, regardless of skill level, work faster and more accurately. It’s a simple guidance system—easy to deploy, easy to learn and easy to upgrade if you need more functionality or extra precision. See how it works or check out our other options: Cat Grade with Advanced 2D and Cat Grade with 3D.




Cat Grade with Assist automates boom, bucket and swing functions typically performed by the operator. The result? High-efficiency, low-effort grading with less fuel and materials. And there’s no extra infrastructure required. See how this simple, scalable system works.




The e-fence feature automatically stops excavator motion using boundaries you set in the monitor for the entire working envelope—above, below, front and sides. It protects your assets, prevents operator fatigue and reduces the risk of fines related to zoning or underground utility damage. Simply create invisible electronic boundaries over, under and around your excavator. If any part of your machine breaches the boundaries, motion stops—protecting people and property. Discover how e-fence can help you reduce risk.

E-Fence Floor:  Creates a lower boundary that the bucket is not allowed to breach, helping the operator avoid contact with structures and objects located at or beneath ground level. Watch how to use this simple process for activating the e-fence floor feature.

E-Fence Wall:  Sets an impenetrable boundary in front of the excavator, limiting reach to prevent contact between the machine and an object or structure located in front of it. Watch how easy it is to use the e-fence wall feature.

E-Fence Cab Avoidance:  Prevents the bucket or other attachments from coming into contact with the cab, which protects the operator from impact and reduces the risk of equipment damage. Watch how this feature activates an invisible barrier around the cab.

E-Fence Swing:  Improve safety when working near traffic or in congested areas by simply using the monitor to set maximum swing angles to the left and right of the machine. When those angles are reached, motion stops, preventing contact between the excavator and nearby obstacles. Watch how this feature works to improve job-site safety.

E-Fence Ceiling:  Learn how the e-fence ceiling feature helps operators avoid powerlines and other overhead obstacles by simply setting a height limit for the boom using the in-cab monitor. If that limit is reached, boom movement will stop automatically so accidents can be avoided. Watch how this feature reduces operator error and reduces clearance risks.



Cat Payload measures load weight on-the-go and displays it in the cab in real time. With easy access to information about current load status, the operator can achieve loading targets faster and more accurately with less over- or under-loading. That means higher efficiency, lower costs and enhanced safety. See how Cat Payload works.



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