RoGator C Series

RoGator C Series

From the industry-exclusive LiquidLogic™ system to the sophisticated AWD SmartDrive™ system to the simple, intuitive AccuTerminal™ operational platform that controls all chassis and machine functions, this sprayer is designed to deliver more precise application in less time, with less wear on the machine and operator.  | 280 – 339 hp |


RoGator RG700


Specifically designed for smaller field sizes, the RG700B gets the job done more quickly than competitive sprayers.
165 hp | 4.9 L | 700 gal

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RoGator RG900RG900B

RG900B sprayers offer industry-leading tip-to-target control and consistent accuracy for reliable performance.
280 hp | 7.4L | 900 gal





RoGator RG1100RG1100B

With advanced engineering and unique technology, RG100B sprayers are more efficient, productive and reliable.
315 hp | 8.4L | 1,100 gal





RoGator RG1300RG1300B

RG1300B sprayers give you the highest-precision application of liquid and dry product for better fields and better yields.
339 hp | 8.4L | 1,300 gal