Preventative Maintenance Program Options (Above 200 kW)

Preventative Maintenance Generator Service Programs for ALL makes and models of generators and engines.

Will your generator respond when you need it? Ohio CAT offers Preventative Maintenance Programs for all makes and models of generators. You can realize a huge impact to your bottom line by establishing a regular maintenance program. With a PM Service Agreement from Ohio CAT, you can maximize engine productivity, extend component life and lower your operating costs.

With Ohio CAT PM Programs, you have virtually unlimited options. Choose the program that’s right for you!

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annual
  • Annual

Monthly Preventative Maintenance Service for Generators and Engines

• Visually Inspect Radiator/Heat Exchanger for Leaks, Damage and Obstruction.
• Add Coolant – Bringing the Coolant to it’s Correct Level (Max 2 Gals.
• Inspect Condition of Radiator Cap, Gasket and Sealing Surface.
• Visually Inspect Water Pump and Cooling System Gaskets for Leaks.
• Inspect Flexible Water Connections for Cracking, Leaks and Pliability.
• Inspect Pulleys for Excessive Wear.
• Inspect Belts for Cracking and Fraying.
• Check Belt Tension.
• Check Jacket Water Heater(s) for Proper Operation and Temperature.
• Add Crankcase Oil – Bringing the Oil to it’s Correct Level (Max 2 Gals).
• Inspect Oil Heater for Proper Operation and Check Thermostat Seals.
• Visually Inspect Front and Rear of Crankshaft Seals and Lubrication System Gaskets for Leaks.
• Record Fuel Level in Main Fuel Tank.
• Test Day Tank Pump for Proper Operation and Level.
• Drain Water from Water Separator.
• Operate Fuel Priming Pump and Check for Proper Operation and Leaks.
• Check the Engine’s Fuel System for Leaks.
• Inspect Flexible Fuel Lines for Cracking, Leaks and Pliability.
• Check Governor Oil Level and Add Oil as Needed.
• Top Off Electrolyte Level.
• Check and Record Battery Charger Amperage.
• Check Battery Charger and Adjust Float Rate for Optimum Battery Performance and Life.
• Inspect Flexible Exhaust Coupling for Cracks and Excessive Leakage.
• Visually Inspect Exterior of Exhaust Manifolds for Oil or Fuel Slobbering (signs of wet stacking).
• Inspect Exhaust Rain Protection and/or Exhaust Outlet Screening.
• Inspect Air Filters for Plugging and Deterioration.
• Perform an Operational Check of Illumination and Safety Lamps.
• Inspect Generator Set Vibration Isolators and Adjust as Needed.
• Make a Walk Around Inspection of Complete Installation.
• Check for Unit On-Line Capability in Less Than Ten Seconds.
• Check for Proper Cranking Termination Upon Starting.
• Check Proper Operation of Engine and Generator Instruments with Generator Running.
• Adjust Governor Control for Optimum Performance and Frequency.
• Adjust Voltage Regulator for Proper Voltage.
• Check and Record Alternator Voltage with Engine Running.
• Check for Abnormal Noise or Vibration.
• Check for Abnormal Exhaust Characteristics with Engine Running (signs of wet stacking).
• Check for Proper Operation of Remote Fan Motors, Thermostats, Circulating Pumps and Solenoid Valves.
• Check Inlet and Discharge Louvers for Proper Operation with Engine Running and Stopped.
• Check for Excessive Crankcase Blow-by with Engine Running.
• Re-Check Oil Level with Engine Running.
• Re-Check for Leaks with Engine Running.

Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Service for Generators and Engines

Includes Month Service Inspection PLUS:

• Stick Main Tank for Water.
• Inspect Steel Fuel Lines for Cracks, Leaks and Proper Line Bracket Support.
• Tighten Battery Cable Connections as Needed.
• Clean and Apply Corrosion Inhibitor to Terminals of Only Lead Acid Batteries as Needed.
• Inspect and Tighten Starter Motor Connections and Wiring.
• Drain Water in Exhaust Moisture Traps.
• Inspect Exhaust Manifold(s) for Broken or Missing Hardware.
• Test Air Cleaner Indicator.
• Check All Air Intake Piping for Damage and Loose Connection.

Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance Service for Generators and Engines

Includes Quarterly Service Inspection PLUS:

• Analyze Coolant for Proper Antifreeze Percent %.
• Analyze Conditioner SCA Level/Add Additional SCA as Needed (Max 2 Qts.)
• Re-Torque Hose Clamps.
• Test Day Tank Alarms.
• Clean Primary Fuel Filter (If Screen Type).
• Check and Record Battery Cells Electrolyte Specific Gravity.
• Inspect Turbocharger for Seal Leakage and Excessive End Play Clearance (If Accessible).
• Check for and Tighten Loose Terminals on the Generator Set and Generator Control Panel.
• Check Tightness of Relays in the Generator Control Panel.
• Test Safeties and Prealarms on Control and Annunciator Panels.
• Take Oil Sample (After Operational Checks) for Caterpillar S.O.S. Program.
• Inspect Air Cleaner Seal for Pliability and Sealing.
• Drain Water and Sediment from Day Tank (If Applicable).

Annual Preventative Maintenance Service for Generators and Engines

Includes Semi-Annual Service Inspection PLUS:

• Change Engine Oil (Using a Superior Grade Oil Meeting or Exceeding CAT Specifications).
• Change Primary and Secondary Fuel Filters.

Additional Services We Offer:

• Switchgear PM’s
• Automatic Transfer Switch PM’s
• Load Bank Testing
• Coolant System Service
• Battery Replacement
• Extended Warranties
• Remote Monitoring
• Megohmeter Testing
• Technical Analysis
• Fuel Testing with Treatment

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