Air Handler Rental

Ohio CAT’s air handler rentals provide a fast cooling solution. We offer a complete line of air handler rental units for short term, long term, auxiliary and back up cooling requirements.

Our air handler rentals are all equipped with variable speed drives on the fan so they are adjustable to a wide range of capacities allowing for maximum energy efficiency. All of our air handlers are portable and can be easily maneuvered into existing plants with limited space. They are designed to handle 100% outside air to 100% return air.

Ohio CAT will calculate your cooling load, then deliver, install, start up and service your setup. We will engineer your system to deliver the performance you need and to comply with safety and code requirements.

For more information or assistance from a rental representative, call (800) 637-5000.

PSD-Rental-Air-Handler-50-Ton50/75 Ton Air Handler

Dimensions: L: 144″ x W: 82″ x H: 70″
Weight: 3,900 lbs.
Power Supply: 460/3/60     22 FLA

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PSD-Rental-Air-Handler-100-Ton100/150 Ton Air Handler

Dimensions: L: 164” x W: 96” x H: 103”
Weight: 6,000 lbs
Power Supply: 460/3/60       35 FLA


PSD-Rental-Air-Handler-120-Ton120 Ton Air Handler

Dimensions: L: 120” x W: 84” x H: 112”
Weight: 5,600 lbs.
Power Supply: 460/3/60       37 FLA