Youngstown | Heavy Service

"I always go to Ohio Cat. We have a brand-new machine. They did a nice job training us on it and educating us. The best thing was that they educated us on how to maintain the machine to get maximum productivity. I appreciated that very much. That is why you buy new equipment, so that you keep it in top running order. With their assistance, I feel confident we can do that. " Sherry -- May 2022

Cincinnati | Cat Equipment Rental

"Caterpillar is very easy to get a hold of. They are good at recommending equipment needed for the job at hand. We will continue to use Caterpillar because they do really good work for us. They keep our equipment running and are willing to work with us to get things done in a timely manner. The sales representative has my information and sends updates regarding equipment. " Wes -- May 2017

Columbus | Quick Compressor Equipment Rental Service

"This was my first time using Ohio Cat and everything worked out really well. I received quick response time on the compressor from Matt, the sales representative. It was pretty good because I went through the Ohio Cat website and the compressor popped up and I called about it. I called at 10 am for the rental and they had it by 12 noon the same day. The equipment was in great condition and the invoice was exactly what they said it would be. " Paul -- May 2017

Troy Equipment Division Rentals

"Ohio Cat always has the best quality of equipment with good up keep, low hours and no worries of a break down. Ohio Cat is always on top of it. " Andy -- February 2017

Perrysburg Heavy Equipment Field Service

"The technician was on time and he stayed after the repair was completed to make sure we were up and running Ohio Cat was prompt and they followed up regarding the parts needed; they had the parts within one day. Ohio Cat also minimized my down time and got us a rental during the repair. I was happy with that. Also, the technician was accommodating and the office personnel were great too. " Nate -- February 2017

Cadiz Heavy Equipment Shop Service

"They came in a with a budget price and were actually lower in the end. My unit caught on fire so I didn’t know what it was. It was pretty amazing that they were even able to fix it. They also did a good job on the inside setting up a rental for me. " Brandt -- September 2016

Cleveland PSD Engine Service

"They always do a good job–Their level of professionalism, thoroughness to detail, and follow up of reports.  I’m very satisfied with all the employees I come into contact with at Ohio CAT, the sales force, the technicians, everyone. It’s a great partnership I have working with them. " Cleveland Convention Center -- September 2016

Complete Hydraulic Service

"I am really happy with their service, they kept me well informed through the whole process. They did a good job, they did exactly what was asked of them, and they completed the work when they said that they would. " Carmeuse Lime & Stone -- September 2016

Columbus PSD Engine Service

"I literally just had to talk with our emergency response rep at 3am the other day, and she is awesome. Rating 10/10 in the survey because of thoroughness. I like the checklist. " Cardinal Health -- September 2016

Cleveland Heavy Equipment Field Service

"The technicians were able to pull off a miracle in a timely fashion with a machine down status. " Jefferson Materials -- September 2016

Cleveland Heavy Equipment Field Service

"You call them, they come out and fix the problem. It’s really that simple. There’s no problems. Everything goes well and they do good work. " Lake County -- September 2016

Findlay International Fuel Systems Shop Work

"Overall customer service, everything is exceptional. I have dealt with them the last several years and haven’t had any issues, they have taken care of everything and I have recommended them to others. They are always in our favor, I have no bad feedback. They are really exceptional, I dealt with one person who is gone now, but the the new person is just as good and they provide very good communication. " Wiers Farm -- September 2016

Cleveland PSD Engine Service

"Ohio Cat actually called to remind us we had a generator service coming up.  Jennifer Dugan, called us and was very nice and polite. She was very helpful. Ohio Cat’s technicians are very efficient and get things done. I think Ohio Cat actually showed up a little before they promised and they were very good.  Our technician, Dave, even gave me his number a few years ago when I had an emergency. He came right out. Ohio Cat is a good company. Very few companies are good anymore. Apple has great service. To me Ohio Cat is the same. I’ve never had a problem with Ohio Cat. " University Hospital -- September 2016

Columbus Heavy Equipment Field Service

"Rated them a 10/10 in the survey for availability of a technician. It’s just the quality of work they did. " National Lime & Stone -- September 2016

Canton PSD Engine Service

"They are very helpful, kind, courteous and they get us in and out since we are a school, and they always do a good job. " Southeast Local Schools -- September 2016

Youngstown PSD Engine Service

"This my second time at the Youngstown location and it has been a very good experience. The mechanic was able to recognize by sound of the engine my problem, and this is major.  He still did the diagnostic test and it confirmed his diagnosis. " Mr. Gill -- September 2016