Cat® D3 Series Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders


As the operator, you’re the most important part of the machine. Which is exactly why the Cat® D3 Series Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders are designed with your needs in mind. Providing the ultimate experience for operator comfort and usability to reduce operator fatigue and allow you to focus on the task at hand. Improving performance and stability to boost the efficiency of all operators, at all levels of expertise. Equipping each model with Smart Technology that delivers next-level machine and attachment integration for optimum productivity and unmatched control. Once again, a first of its kind.


The most important factor based off customer insight was comfort in the cab. We listened to your needs and developed industry-defining machines that elevate the operating experience for both comfort and usability. A more comfortable operating experience means less fatigue and downtime, helping you and your crew stay on schedule. Discover the difference in the D3 Series, and you’ll see it in your productivity and profitability, too.

  • 15% MORE CAB SPACE. With your comfort and performance in mind, 15% more width was added between the joysticks to provide more space where operators need it most.
  • UP TO A 40% WIDER DOOR OPENING. Entering and exiting the new D3 Series cabs is now easier thanks to a wider opening cab door.
  • INTUITIVE JOYSTICK CONTROLS. Enhanced intuitiveness and visibility of joystick buttons and controls so operators can focus on the task at hand without slowing down. The creep control on the left joystick is easily identifiable by its yellow color and snail icon. Additionally, the distance between joystick pods has increased by 3 inches, offering extra space for the operator inside the cab to deliver a more comfortable experience.
  • YOUR WORK MADE EASIER. Safety first. Automatically engages the parking brake when the machine is shift down. And when you are ready to get back to it, the touch of a button easily releases the brake.
  • HIGH-VISIBILITY SEATBELTS. All D3 Series Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders come equipped with a new hi-vis orange seatbelt in every cab for optimized jobsite safety monitoring.


You asked for a machine that outmaneuvers and outperforms, giving you confidence in the most demanding situations. Well, you get what you asked for with the performance-tuned undercarriage on the Cat® D3 Series Compact Track Loaders. From the company that pioneered torsion suspension undercarriage on a compact track loader, the D3 Series undercarriage improvements are engineered to eliminate unwanted machine pitching and rocking. The stability improvement is apparent when handling heavy loads, grading or dumping material into a truck, while still delivering excellent ride comfort, which makes tougher tasks easier on you and your machine.

  • THE SPEED YOU NEED. Two-speed now comes standard on all Cat D3 Series Compact Track Loaders including the 239D3 and 249D3. This means operators can get more top end speed and effortlessly toggle to one-speed mode for high torque performance. No matter your machine of choice, you’ll be sure to get the job done quickly.


Featuring new Smart Technology for intuitive and tailored controls designed to make your job easier and make you more efficient. The Smart Technology found in the D3 Series delivers intuitive operation of a groundbreaking portfolio of Smart Attachments, a timesaver for operators and a gamechanger for the construction industry. The plug-and-play recognition between the machine and attachment adapts the joystick controls to the Smart Attachment, making it easy to use without the need for separate controls. Smart Attachments help you minimize downtime and maximize productivity by making complex attachments easy to set up and use from the comfort of the cab.

  • SMART GRADER BLADE WITH ASSIST. Save time and material by quickly and efficiently cutting, carrying and finishing your grading work. This six-way operation blade delivers a new and exciting way to grade.
    • Highly adjustable blade positioning
    • Plug-and-play attachments recognition
    • Special display screens additional information and control for the connected Smart Attachment
    • Tailored machine controls
    • Assist feature automatically corrects the blade position to maintain the desired slope with the operator making no manual adjustments
    • Plug-and-play ready for Grade Control with Dual Laser, GPS, Total Station and Sonic
  • SMART DOZER BLADE WITH ASSIST. Ideal for cutting, moving and grading dirt, gravel, sand and virtually any other material used as a base. Integrated joysticks and operator-assist features help create smooth grades faster and with less operator effort.
    • Smart Attachment technology allows operator to complete level finish with ease
    • Angles can be set for repeating grading
    • Advanced machine display allows operator to view on-screen, the main slope and the side slope
    • Blade designed for both heavy dozing and fine grading
  • SMART BACKHOE. Improve productivity and expand your multi-tasking capabilities with the new BH130 Smart Backhoe for the D3 Series Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders. Utilizing industry-first technology, this attachment is designed to improve the operator experience in every way.
    • An industry first, operators can switch from travel to digging mode with a single button click
    • In digging mode, joysticks automatically convert to backhoe or excavator pattern
    • Productivity multiplier: BH130 is compatible with all Cat 3-ton Mini Excavator attachments
    • Fully featured with side-shift and auxiliary lines for powering additional tools
    • Superior working visibility




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