Cat Detect for Personnel

Cat Detect Construction Equipment Job siteSAVE LIVES. REDUCE RISK.

At Ohio Cat, and across the entire Caterpillar community, we believe safety is a pretty big deal. We don’t play around. Sure, we agree that operating equipment can be exciting and show a degree of precision and expertise. And maybe we really think we know what we’re doing, but we don’t take any chances. We watch out for each other. We help each other and the company to find better ways of helping everyone to be safe. Safety is our culture because we want everyone to make it safely home, every day.   After a while, we just start to assume everyone must view safety as strongly as we do. So when accidents happen, we need to know why.

Some safety measures are common sense methods that just require a strong safety culture within the organization. Following OSHA standards, having a safety plan and worker training in place is a good starting point. OSHA offers some tools on their website: OSHA Saftey Programs

Beyond worker training and job site protocols, new technology exists which allows equipment operators to identify people on the ground at job sites.  This technology provides audible alerts to the equipment operator. Some systems sound an alarm to the worker on the ground.   Caterpillar offers this technology as part of the safety segment of their Cat 360 advantage, called Cat Detect for Personnel.

Cat Detect for Personnel

Cat Detect for Personnel Safety equipment example

It can be hard to keep people safe in an environment that mixes moving equipment, busy operators, and ground workers.  But Cat Detect for Personnel provides an extra layer of protection for people and businesses. Here’s how it works:

  • Ground workers wear vests or hardhats equipped with RFID tags.
  • If an in-cab antenna detects the presence of a tag, the operator receives and immediate alert.
  • An external alarm may also sound to alert the ground worker.

While Cat Detect for Personnel is no substitute for good safety practices, it can make workers and businesses feel more confident of their safety on site.

For more information, view the Cat Detect for Personnel product information page, and when buying equipment, ask about cat Detect for Personnel.




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