Cat SMART Attachments


Delivering next-level machine and attachment integration for optimum productivity and unmatched control, Cat® SMART Attachments give every operator of any level of expertise precise accuracy and time-saving performance and efficiency. Guided by advanced technological features that make these attachments an efficient and easy-to-operate tool, SMART Attachments help operators perform tasks with ease and simplicity, while securing the job gets done right the first time. Putting the operator at ease, these SMART Attachments enable precise movements with every dig, push, and grade.


The technology found in the groundbreaking portfolio of Smart Attachments is a timesaver for operators and a gamechanger for the construction industry. The plug-and-play recognition between the machine and attachment adapts the controls to the Smart Attachment, making it easy to use without the need for separate controls. Smart Attachments help you minimize downtime and maximize productivity by making complex attachments easy to set up and use from the comfort of the cab. These SMART Attachments with industry-first features can produce time and money saving results for any operator.

ATTACHMENT RECOGNITION: The first step is attachment recognition. The machine recognizes and knows what attachment is being used as soon as the attachment is plugged in, unlocking additional machine displays to allow the operator to interface with the machine and have options on how the attachment is controlled. From here, operators are able to use these SMART Attachments with industry-first features to provide more accuracy throughout the workday.

DISPLAY SELECTION: Once the attachment has been plugged in, it unlocks additional screen displays that allow you to see how the attachment is being controlled.

MODE SELECTION: You’ll also see the option to select your operating mode and can choose either standard Machine Control mode or Attachment Control mode. Attachment Control mode allows you to use the joysticks in the cab to operate the machine and the attachment at the same time.


Another feature that can make Cat SMART Attachments easier to operate is ASSIST. ASSIST enables more options to set the dozer blade slope. When you select a blade slope, a press of the Memory button will recall that slope and another press will apply that same slope to the other side of the blade. To set the blade slope back to zero when you’re on a level surface, you just press a button on the left joystick. This can make Cat SMART Attachment operation much simpler, especially when working on one job site over multiple days.


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