Your business is demanding – which is why Ohio Cat Equipment Rental is here to provide you with solutions tailored to you. Big, small, long, short we’ve got the equipment and services to make you more successful. Ready for Anything, Right for You.   Learn about our equipment rental solutions below.

Talk to one of our Cat Rental Store sales reps to discuss your equipment rental needs. Our equipment is ideal to fill in the gaps between your fleet and your project needs. The Cat Rental Store is your one stop shop, making it easy to complete the job.  Think of the Cat Rental Store when you need equipment like boom lifts, scissor lifts, air equipment, paving compaction equipment, concrete equipment, crushing, screening and conveying equipment, ground heaters, landscaping equipment, telehandlers, light towers, water pumps, generators, trench shoring and safety, equipment attachments, trenching equipment, trucks and trailers.  We also provide temporary power, heating and cooling equipment.  And of course you can rent a variety of Cat equipment – from large excavators and dozers, to smaller machines like skid steer loaders, track loaders and mini-excavators.  View equipment options from the links on this page or visit the Cat Rental Store website to view the complete selection.

Ohio Cat Rental Equipment in Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland

When purchasing a piece of heavy-duty equipment isn’t an option, renting is the way to go. Many Ohio CAT® customers have found that renting gives them the choice and flexibility they need, and avoids tying up cash needlessly in equipment that doesn’t get used on a regular basis.

In today’s competitive market, having an expensive tool, machine or piece of equipment that spends half of its time sitting idle doesn’t make sense. For occasional usage or one-off jobs, consider checking out our great selection of rental equipment in Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio.

It can be tempting to go out and buy a broad range of equipment and tools for your business. Having everything on-hand the moment you need it is nice. But if you sit back and look closely at your type and frequency of usage of various types of industrial, agricultural, construction, mining, quarry and on-highway truck equipment, you might find that purchasing certain types of machinery simply doesn’t make financial sense.

When a piece of equipment is sitting idle, it isn’t making you any money. That represents capital (cash) that’s sitting idle and isn’t helping your business. Equipment that gets used every day usually makes sense to purchase or lease, because you can get a positive return on your investment. For occasional usage or individual, one-off jobs that require a specific piece of equipment, like a loader, skid steer, lift or compressor, renting can save you money.

When you consider the cost of a purchased piece of equipment, you need to think about:

  • Purchase price, either in cash outlay or monthly payments.
  • Insurance year-round, even when your equipment isn’t being used.
  • Upkeep and maintenance, especially on items that degrade over time, even when they’re not being used.
  • Storage fees and the space the equipment occupies that can’t be used for other things.

When you add up these factors, a stationary piece of heavy-duty equipment can be a real drain on your resources. Find out why our rental business here at Ohio CAT has grown significantly over the past few years by checking out our great rental equipment available across Ohio in Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

Our online catalog of rental equipment is easy to search. Simply click on the equipment you’re interested in, from the buttons above. You’ll be directed to a detailed information page highlighting the various features and details. We also give pricing information, so you can make your choice in a few clicks. You can rent by the day, week or month, which means that, no matter how short or long your job might be, you can benefit from the flexibility and value of a rental and take on work that you otherwise would have to refuse.

There’s an additional benefit to renting: it’s a great way to test out new equipment or technology before you purchase. Some of this major equipment represents a significant investment, and you want to be sure of what you’re buying. Check out our list and rent the equipment that you’re interested in purchasing. You can rent different models to compare power levels, functions and usability. Once you’ve made your choice, you can contact us again and we’ll help you make your new or used equipment purchase. If you have a machine on rent that you’d like to purchase, we do offer rental purchase options that will save you money while providing added confidence in your machine purchase.

At Ohio CAT, we’ve spent over 70 years building our relationships with customers in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and all across Ohio. We look forward to helping your business find the rental equipment it needs, and turning you into a lifelong customer.