You’re part of a real sustainability success story.

In the waste industry, many organizations are working to renew old landfills once used to dump products of various metals and materials. Reducing and recycling these products can be time intensive and costly.  However, with recent innovation, companies can offset the costs of reclaiming the land with efficient recycling equipment, crushers and screeners, that can crush, sift, sort, bale, pile and load these materials into aggregates for resale.

When you want to take a dry, desolate looking dump site and turn it into a park, we can make the difficult task possible, while seeking ways to produce results at optimum speed while generating revenue. Our aggregates division excels in doing just that. Our job is to help ensure the sustainability of your business with solutions to ensure jobsite safety, machine versatility, high efficiency, and low operating cost.

Reduce Your Cost Per Tonne Safely

Get more done with versatile machines and work tools–durable work solutions that offer more uptime, lower lifetime owning and operating costs and, most importantly, the power to reduce your cost per ton of material moved.

At Ohio Cat, our scrap recycling equipment reps understand your business and know what it takes to maintain and increase productivity. The right machine for the job?  Let us help you choose the right solution for your application.

You may be able to increase productivity even with the same fleet. Ask about available operator training designed to help operators get more out of existing and new machines alike.
Quality equipment makes good operators even better. This can help help with employee recruiting and retention. Quality also means safety, with class leading access in and out of the cabs, all round visibility, rear and side view cameras, cab guarding and cab filtration for added operator protection.

Material Handlers •  Wheel Loaders • Grapples Magnets

Our number-one focus is safety. Operator stations are designed for high visibility in and around the unloading area, allowing the operator to observe the trucks, trailers and people, while the material is being discharged. Having an Eagle Eyed operator ensures you manage the quality of the material being tipped out also ensures you maximize your profits and reduce waste. Our job is to help you get the job done right, with a broad line of material handlers, wheel loaders and work tools, designed for comfort and productivity. These can be further backed up by a range of worktools and ancillary machines to keep the tipping area clean to ensure you minimise road vehicle tyre damage and puncture, keeping your suppliers happy.

Material Handlers • Wheel Loaders • Articulated Trucks • Orange Peel Grapples • Magnets • Sorting Grapples

Heavy duty grapples and buckets are compulsory in the scrap metal processing industry, but they need to be light enough as not to detract from the available payload, stability of the machine and the dexterity needed to sort and separate the materials to improve quality if the product. Couple this with the high performance and speed of the Cat Material Handlers and stockpiling becomes and easy task ensuring you maximise the space in your yard. Stock pilling with various pile hight size and shape, our machines offer you the choice of boom and stick configuration for reach and height along with speed and controllability.

We can help you choose the correct work tools and equipment along with the repair program’s to keep your operation ahead of the game, and maximize your profits.
The Cat line of GSV (vertical Cylinder) or GSH (Horizontal Cylinder) orange peel grapples take performance to new levels and improve the efficiency of your machine and operation by maximizing worktool capacity to machine lifting capability and stability. They also offer excellent control and confidence for precise material sorting.

Material Handlers Excavators Wheel Loaders Skid Steer Loaders Shears

Moving material and preparing it for further processing takes effort. Cat material handlers load shredders, stationary shears and balers, while wheel loaders bring flexibility to handle processed material and help the efficiency of your facility High production can be achieved using the S300 range of Cat shears. Market leading capacity and bolt-on wear parts enhance performance and durability. These are the perfect match to fit your Cat or existing fleet of machines.

Material Handlers • Grapples

To maximize processing efficiency, system matching is of the ultimate importance so as not to allow light running or choking of the production plant.
The correct matching of work tools and machine depends on the material and the production plant capability. By understanding your application needs we can offer the correct work tools and material handler combination to match the feeding requirements of your production. Cat material handlers feature a large stabilized footprint which ensures operator confidence and reduced machine repositioning, which increases production.

Material Handler Wheel Loader Skid Steer Loader Brooms

Keeping your site floor clean and tidy will not only improve personal safety and reduce risk of tires puncture on vehicle passing by but also leave the right impression of your site.
Cat material handlers, wheel loaders and skid steer loaders move material, yes. With the right work tools—such as brooms and magnets, they also do a great job of helping you keep floor and aisle clean and the work flow moving. Cat skid steer loader are ideal to access very narrow spaces such as around your shredders, shears or baling press.

Material Handler Wheel Loader Telehandler Grapples Generator Buckets

Good material retention with pass matching to load trucks , trains or barges combined with fast cycle times, reduces waiting times to meet transport deadlines, is one of your daily concerns. This can easily be achieved with our material handling and wheel loader matched loading systems.

Excellent operator visibility ensures accurate loading of the carriers which speeds up loading times and minimizes damage. Also good loading visibility offers that last line in quality control to identify alien materials that can reduce commodity values.

Cat wheel loaders come in all sizes. And they’re ready for whatever job you have, from unloading and sorting to separating and site maintenance. They load trucks, rail cars and barges around the world. And they’re engineered to meet your goals for payload, cycle times and productivity