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Cat Track Type Tractors | “Dozers”

The Cat Track Type Tractor (or Dozer) is the legacy of Caterpillar. The latest generation of these tough Cat Dozers build on an extensive history of innovation leadership. The popular Cat D6 Dozer comes to your job site backed by more than 100 years of track-type tractor leadership. Caterpillar designs and builds the integrated engine and power train to work together so you experience maximum productivity, efficiency and reliability. Features like two-pump hydraulics and differential steering bring you a new level of versatility and maneuverability. From rugged structures to operator comfort, the D6 is a world-class dozer built to help you produce the highest quality work in a variety of applications.

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Cat Dozers

CAT DOZERS: Key Benefits & Features

An updated cab, with an Integrated Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS), gives operators greater all around visibility to enhance safety and productivity. The track type tractor offers a quieter interior, with improved pressurization to help keep dust out for a cleaner operating environment. The standard suspension seat offers eight operator adjustments and adjustable armrests for greater comfort. The seat also features an integrated, retractable seat belt for enhanced safety. The redesigned instrument panel in the track type tractor has easy-to-read gauges showing fuel level and engine speed, as well as temperature levels for power train oil, hydraulic oil and engine coolant. The updated Cat Electronic Monitoring System has three levels of machine monitoring and warnings. Lights and/or alarms keep operators informed about conditions like restrictions to engine intake air, power train or fuel filters or water in the fuel.

Integrated Technologies Monitor, Manage and Enhance Job Site Operations:

GRADE technologies combine digital design data and in-cab guidance to help you reach target grade quickly and accurately, with minimal staking and checking. That means you’ll be more productive, complete jobs faster, in fewer passes, using less fuel, at a lower cost.

Power and Performance Designed to get the Job Done:

The foundation of every Cat track type tractor is a rugged mainframe built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces. Castings add strength to the main case and equalizer bar saddle. A modular design allows easy installation and removal of major components for service/rebuild.

Equipped for the Job, Tough from the Inside Out:

Bulldozers L-shaped push arms give you an advantage over diagonal brace designs by bringing the blade closer to the machine. This gives you better balance, maneuverability and blade penetration. The design also gives you lateral stability and better cylinder positions for constant pryout capability regardless of blade height. The trunnion joint design requires no adjustments to keep the blade tight. Dozer blades are manufactured from high tensile strength steel, with a robust multi-cell design to stand up to the most severe applications. The moldboard is highly abrasion resistant to prevent wear-through. Hardened bolt-on cutting edges and end bits give you better penetration and can be rotated and/or replaced for even longer blade service life. Semi-Universal, Straight and Angle Blades are available, as well as special blades for landfill and land clearing applications.


The elevated sprocket design helps protect major components from harsh impacts and provides a modular design for convenient service. The operator has excellent sight lines to the blade, sides and back of the machine. The center of gravity remains low, offering excellent stability, balance and traction.


Specifically Built with a Purpose: Special Arrangements for Performance

These Cat Dozers have attachment capabilities that are designed to help you complete the specific task at hand. Whether you’re plowing treacherous snows or yelling timber, there’s a Cat Dozer and attachments available to help you accomplish your site-specific demands.

  • Forestry Attachments
  • Cold Weather Arrangement
  • Waste Handler