Cat Wheel Excavators


Cat Wheel Excavators are made to keep your costs down. Not only does this machine give you all the versatility you need, but it does so while providing a great deal of precision and speed with an absolute minimum fuel consumption – and zero impact on your efficiency. Made to make operation easy and pleasant. Have a seat, you will be impressed by the quietness and comfort of the cab. Feel relaxed, we help you make sure you’re safe. Enjoy integrated technologies; they act transparently. When you add the ground level grouped service points that make your maintenance quick and easy and multiple Cat work tools that help you do all kinds of jobs, you simply won’t find a better machine.

Cat Wheel Excavators


Make the Move to the Next Generation

Refinements. From the whole design to the smallest details. Convenient features, new advanced and transparent technologies, not only to reduce emissions but to further improve your daily experience when working with our products.

Easier Than Ever

Work like no other with our wheeled excavators. The F Series generation is made to help you take on the wide variety of the challenges you face every day, more easily and with more pleasure, to keep you on the road to your success.

The new F Series generation of Cat Wheel Excavators is here to help you take on the wide variety of challenges you face every day, more easily and with more pleasure.

  • Sustainability – Generations Ahead in Every Way
  • Engine Power, Reliability, and Fuel Economy
  • Premium Comfort Keeps Operators Productive All Shift Long
  • Simplicity and Functionality For Ease of Operation
  • Hydraulics – Fast, Precise, Flexible
  • Undercarriage Strength and Versatility
  • Ride Control – Fast Travel Speed with More Comfort
  • Booms and Sticks – Options To Take on Your Far-reaching or Up-close Tasks
  • Smart Technologies – Press Go and Relax
    — Swing and Auto Travel Lock: As Fast, As Easy, As Safe
    — Integrated Pin Code – Switch Off and Relax
    — Dig and Go Auto Axle Lock Presses the pedal for you, reducing the number of actions you need to do