Pro-Tech snow plows and sno pushers

In Ohio, from Erie to Cleveland, Akron to Toledo, we are known for our extreme snow season.  Clearing large amounts of snow requires the right tools and equipment. Ohio Cat offers several options in machines and attachments to suit your specific needs. We offer Pro Tech snow pusher models because of their commitment to quality and innovative design to suit varied applications.

We’ve partnered with Pro-Tech for their complete line of Snow Pushers designed for skid-steers, backhoes, wheel loaders, forklifts and farm tractors. For lighter use, the 8-foot box pusher is the perfect fit for Cat equipment, Bobcat skid steers, or a John Deere skid-steer. While larger jobs demand the 30-foot Pro-Tech Super Duty Sno Pusher, suitable for the biggest Cat, Deere, or Case wheel loader. Whatever the need, Ohio Cat and Pro-Tech aims to help you quickly clear the way in winter’s worst weather.

The Pro-Tech Product Range
Be prepared for the Ohio snow season with a snow pusher. Pro-Tech Snow Pushers from Ohio CAT

  • Rubber Edge Snow Pusher – TOP CUSTOMER CHOICE. Made from SBR extruded rubber, available for loader, backhoe, skid steer and compact tractor attachments
  • Steel Edge Snow Pusher – with its ability to scrape, with minimal moving parts and corrosion resistant hinge, this snow pusher is ideal for uneven or areas or areas covered with hard packed snow or ice. – available with loader, backhoe and skid steer attachments
  • Foldout Snow Pusher- collapses for narrower transport and folds out for use. Available with loader and backhoe attachments
  • Super Duty Snow Pusher– up to 30′ wide, with the ability to contain up to 57 yards of snow, the super duty snow pusher is ideal for larger areas and parking lots. Available with loader attachments
  • Pullback Snow Pusher– allow more versatile use with the ability to get to harder to reach areas. Allows the operator to see through the box to judge distance from obstacles. Available with skid steer attachments
  • Super Duty Snow Pushe – for larger equipment. Ideal for airports and large parking lots.
  • Low Profile Angle – for clearing snow under parked trailers, this snow blade pushes snow off to the side
  • V Plow – this smaller snow plow is used to clear sidewalks and walkways. Its V shape design splits the path pushing snow to both sides. Ideal for skid steer loaders and small tractors, to clear long stretches of municipal walkways.
  • Turf Pusher –  When Ohio snow covers the sport fields, clear them cleanly and efficiently with the turf pusher. Now you can eliminate delays on game day or for practice by clearing turf and fields with the turf snow pusher.

For the best solution for your snow removal needs, contact your local Ohio Cat Sales Rep.