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Save time by ordering parts before heading out to our location to pick them up, or place your order and have them shipped to you.

You can count on Ohio CAT to keep your CAT equipment running.  From ground-engaging tools for your excavator to drive train parts for your dozer, we’ll be there when you need us with the part that you need.  We are committed to providing genuine CAT parts where and when you need them and understand that downtime means money.

Ohio CAT maintains a central parts distribution center in Columbus, OH that is supplied by two Caterpillar warehouses in Clayton, OH, and Morton, IL.  Due to our centralized location in the United States, this means that our customers get to work faster. In addition, our parts shuttle system delivers parts between our locations nightly.  If you order a part by 5 PM that is at another location, you can have it locally by morning.

Ohio CAT makes getting the right part for your CAT machine fast and easy.  You can use our online parts ordering system, CAT PartStore, to check real-time pricing and availability of over 800,000 Caterpillar parts.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for or you need an expert’s opinion then reach out to one of our 18 Parts/Service Sales Reps (PSSR).  You can use our “Find Your Sales Rep” feature to determine your local rep.

Caterpillar parts are constructed of top-quality material and are designed and manufactured for consistent performance.  Using non-CAT parts can rob you of machine uptime and reduce peak machine performance.

Featured Parts:

Air Filters

Genuine CAT filters ensure that your engine is breathing right and getting the cleanest air possible.  Better performance and lower maintenance costs, why settle for anything less?  Call your local PSSR for more information.

Drive Train Parts

Drive train components must endure incredible torque, high impact loads, and frequent direction and gear changes.  CAT designs and manufactures its transmissions, torque converters and final drive components with these demands in mind, using testing in real world applications.  The result is a drive train that last longer and works harder over the life of your machine.

Engine In-Frame Overhaul Kits-

Ohio CAT is ready to help you extend the life of your engine.  When you use Caterpillar parts, you can be assured of high-quality materials and controlled manufacturing processes.  With our engine overhaul kits, you have value-added options for overhauling your engine the right way, with genuine CAT parts.  Call your local PSSR to learn more about how our engine overhaul kits can provide long life for your Caterpillar engine.

Genuine_Parts2Fuel Filters- 

In fuel systems, it’s the dirt you can’t see that you must guard against.  CAT fuel filters can help.  CAT High Efficiency Fuel Filters offer:

  • Maximum engine performance and fuel economy
  • Reduced exposure to abrasives
  • Reduced wear on injectors and pumps
  • Fewer fuel systems adjustments
  • Easier starting
  • Longer filter life

Heating & Air Conditioning-

Caterpillar heating and air conditioning components are available to repair and maintain existing systems.  Most kits are complete; make it easy and cost effective to add air conditioning to your CAT machine.  Caterpillar heating and air conditioning systems are designed to keep your operator comfortable in the toughest weather.  A comfortable cab can make your operator’s workday easier and more productive.  Retrofit kits are available for most machines.  Need more information, call your local Ohio CAT PSSR.

Oil & Lube Filters-

Putting the right lubricants in your machines is the first step; using proper filters is the second.  CAT filters are designed to work with CAT fluids in Caterpillar engines and component systems to provide the highest levels of cleanliness and performance, protecting your systems and lowering your operating costs.


With the winters we face in Ohio, you need a tough battery.  CAT has the batteries to make sure you’re running when the mercury dips.  Our Premium High Output (PHO) batteries provide you with lower owning and operating costs versus other batteries.  Generally, PHO batteries should provide you with trouble-free service for at least 36 months.  CAT General Service batteries are premium batteries for less demanding applications.