service-sosCommitted to keeping your equipment moving

Like all Cat® Dealer services, the S•O•S Services program is a mutual commitment to protect the performance and value built into your Cat equipment. The S•O•S Services program offers you valuable resources for better equipment management. Working together with your Ohio Cat dealer, you can take the simple process of fluid sampling and combine it with state-of-the-art analysis and clear, easy-to-understand reporting to create not only optimized machine performance, but also improved cost control.

As your local Cat Dealer, we back up our fluid analysis with our reputation for excellence and the expertise of trained Analysts. Enrolling in the S•O•S Services program is your assurance that you’ll get accurate analysis. Only Cat S•O•S Analysts have access to the expertise of Caterpillar design specifications and engineers. The S•O•S lab completes testing quickly and provides comprehensive maintenance advice in easy to understand feedback. Make the commitment and get the benefits of working with the people who know your Cat equipment best.

Overview of S·O·S Oil Reports
S·O·S Services are valuable management tools that can maximize your equipment life and productivity. At the same time operating costs and downtime can be reduced. During oil analysis four types of tests are performed on engine, hydraulic and drive train oils:
• Component Wear Rate
• Oil Condition
• Oil Contamination
• Oil Identification
Sample at consistent intervals to detect potential problems early.

  • Oil Sampling- Oil sample analysis measures wear metals and dirt, detects water, fuel and antifreeze in oil, measures soot, oxidation and sulfur contaminants. Many companies evaluate oil composition, but interpreting the results is the key to effective engine management. We understand your engine, so we can interpret findings and diagnose problems quickly and accurately.
  • Engine Coolant Sampling- Over 40% of all engine failures can be traced to the cooling sytem. Ohio CAT’s Fluids Analysis Lab’s coolant analysis program monitors glycol, supplemental coolant additives, pH levels, conductivity, metal corrosion and other impurities.
  • Fuel Sampling- If your fuel is being stored for more than a year, there’s a 50% chance that it’s contaminated with water and/or algae, posing a serious threat to the dependable operation of your system. Our fuel sampling program provides a cost effective way to routinely check for contaminants and ensure your engine operates when needed.

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