Regardless of the number of machines you run, the equipment management equation is pretty simple— it boils down to monitoring and using your equipment to ensure that it delivers the maximum amount of work for the lowest possible cost.

It sounds simple, anyway, but achieving that goal requires focusing on several key factors:

  • Machine Performance — Well-maintained machine systems work to the best of their capabilities, delivering more work at lower operating costs.
  • Machine Health — A healthy machine spends less time in the shop and delivers more reliable performance, when you need it, without surprises.
  • Planned Maintenance and Repairs — Adhering to a recommended maintenance program helps you identify and fix small problems before major failures occur, reducing unscheduled downtime and disrupted production.
  • Safety and Security — Equipment that’s well managed has less risk of being involved in accidents, and carefully tracking machine locations and usage ensures that machines aren’t stolen or used without authorization.

Traditionally, equipment management data has been collected with checklists, spreadsheets and human memory—all of which can be tedious, expensive, error-prone and slow to get acted upon. But now, there’s a better way to get the facts you need to manage your equipment for maximum value.

EM Solutions: The First Cat Technology Enabled Service

Equipment Management was made possible with Product Link, an equipment hardware interface that allows equipment owners the ability to connect with their fleet to monitor utilization, efficiency, and service needs.

The construction business is tough to be competitive in. You need to do more work for less time at less cost. Meanwhile, construction equipment has gotten more complicated with computers and technology. Checking machines with a walk-around isn’t enough. Hard data about equipment is needed to find out when, where, and how your equipment is working. But now, technology allows you to get this data. Equipment Management solutions can help you cut fuel costs, reduce the need for service, and keep machines running longer. It helps up-time availability and allows you to run your operation more efficiently. It can show you which equipment operators are pros and which need a little more training. It helps you get more value on every job, every time.

Cat EM solutions is built to help you get the full value out of your equipment and your business.

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8 Questions You Should be Asking About Equipment Management

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EM Solutions includes 5 levels of technology enabled service.

  1. Access :  Connecting your hardware with a user interface (VisionLink)
  2. Inform:  Reports providing information on your equipment.
  3. Advise:  stand-alone monitoring service includes technology and a dealer expert to advise
  4. Support: a technology supported customer service agreement
  5. Manage: