It’s a good time to look at the opportunities technology presents in the construction industry.  A Civil Engineering study found that GPS-enabled earth moving can increase productivity by 21.74 % and generate cost savings of approximately 12.92 %.  What does that translate into on the bottom line? If the cost of GPS setup on a dozer is $100,000 on a $500,000 project, the savings would be over $60,000 which would cover more than half of the setup expense.  But once setup, you could then bid more competitively on jobs, further improving machine utilization. You would also gain faster job completion through the efficiency gains, which would reduce operator labor.  Break even should occur within the first year of the technology improvement.  Because technology is still new to many construction companies, there is also high opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, allowing for higher profit margin in the early phase.

How do you gain improved output from your current equipment and your operators? Learn about the most complete portfolio of Construction Technology products, services and solutions aimed at helping you capture all of the productivity potential of your machines and your crews.

These innovative solutions improve productivity at all stages of the construction workflow, making you more competitive. They are rugged, easy-to-use, fully upgradeable, flexible and expand as you grow your business—maximizing your return on your investment.

  • Full Portfolio of Machine Guidance and Control Systems
    Trimble® Grade Control Systems and Cat AccuGrade® Machine Control Systems are designed for your entire fleet of heavy equipment—scrapers, excavators, dozers, graders, compactors and pavers regardless of manufacturer. These systems are flexible enough to meet a wide range of application and job-site requirements.
  • Flexible, Easy-to-Use Trimble Site Positioning Systems
    Using either GPS or Total Station positioning, these systems provide contractors with the flexibility to complete any task and reduce downtime by quickly resolving problems on site. Contractors can track, report, validate and control workflows, beginning with the receipt of initial designs. Job-site crews can perform initial site measurement and verify original ground levels, stakeout, grade checks and volume measurements, while tracking progress through to the final as-built site measurements.
  • Accurate Management of Job-site Progress with Trimble’s Site Supervisor System
    Construction managers can make better decisions at the job-site with portable site plans and designs. Created for supervisors, foremen and project managers who are coordinating activities, especially on the stakeless jobsite, the system uses real-time GPS positioning and the same design data as the machines and Site Positioning Systems. Using the Site Supervisor System, supervisors have accurate information and progress reports to efficiently manage the day-to-day tasks of a project. And with intelligent 2-way data flow the supervisor can serve as a hub to send data and work orders back and forth between the field and office.
  • Powerful Data Management with Trimble Construction Software
    Streamline your workflow with seamless data transfer, design updates and progress reports that transmit between field and office in real time. It’s available today with Trimble’s suite of office software products. The software programs offer a full range of capabilities to facilitate job functions, beginning with planning and bidding, and continuing through every step of the project, to the productivity analysis at the finish. We offer software updates to provide contractors with additional functionality and tighter connectivity between other third party packages and Trimble software.
  • Real-time Equipment and Assets Status with Trimble Construction Manager
    Connect to your assets on heavy and highway projects with the Trimble Construction Manager solution. Using GPS positioning technology, wireless communications and an Internet-enabled interface you can see the status of each piece of equipment on your job-site-live in the office. This powerful solution allows you to monitor and report cycle times, delivery status, equipment productivity and utilization, machine run time and idle-time hours, and fuel consumption to maximize their equipment fleet and improve their operations by lowering costs, improving project cost reporting and reducing project risk. Each asset is equipped with reliable Trimble GPS technology (in the form of a small piece of hardware) to provide immediate location information, even in the harsh environment typically found on a construction site. Several hardware options are available to ensure that you have the right solution for each asset.
  • Accurate Decision Making with Wireless Data Communication
    Information is transmitted between your assets and the Trimble Construction Manager software platform over cellular networks. Select from a variety of providers and service plans to access the data you need, when you need it and how often you need it—for example, once or twice a day for a portable asset like a compressor or once every minute for a mobile asset like a dump truck. Trimble Construction Manager software provides an intuitive interface that connects assets in the field to decision-makers in the office, making it easy to evaluate construction operations and take action in real-time. A variety of easy-to-understand charts, reports, and dashboards provides valuable information regarding the activity of your asset, enabling you to drastically improve asset productivity.

Adopt Construction Technology to become more competitive in today’s highly competitive marketplace:

  • Use Site Positioning Systems to dramatically improve productivity and measure progress in grade-checking and stake-out operations
  • Leverage machine systems to accurately get to grade faster and improve materials yields
  • Maximize equipment fleet utilization and improve operations to lower costs, improve project cost reporting and reduce project risks
  • Integrate processes between the field and office to streamline the flow of information and have real-time data to make the right decisions throughout the construction life-cycle

Only one partner offers the broadest, deepest and most advanced set of tools, advice and support to revolutionize your construction workflow — SITECH Ohio, Your Authorized Construction Technology Provider.

Increase your efficiency. Revolutionize your construction workflow.