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Cat Snow Wings


Cat® snow wings are designed with versatility in mind. With independently controlled wings and angling capability, the attachment can be changed to suit the needs of any job.


ROTARY ACTUATORS | Rotary actuators allow wings to be rotated up to 180° to suit operator needs.

INDEPENDENT CONTROL | Each wing can be rotated independently for maximum versatility.

WING STOPS | Wing stops prevent the wings from being able to contact the tires or tracks of the machine to prevent damage when angling.

REVERSIBLE BOLT-ON SPRING TRIP CUTTING EDGE | Steel cutting edge is reversible for longer life and bolt-on for easy maintenance. Spring trip allows wing to spring back upon contact with obstacles to minimize damage to the snow wing or machine.

LATERAL FLOAT | Lateral float allows wing to float 5° either direction to better follow the contour of the ground.

HYDRAULICALLY ANGLED | Hydraulically angled snow wing can be angled up to 35° either direction using in-cab joysticks.

ADJUSTABLE SKID SHOES | Adjustable skid shoes offer ability to change cutting edge height to suit operator preference and job site needs.

FLOATING END PLATE EDGES | Floating end plate edges follow the contour of the ground contour for better control of snow.

PROFILED MOLDBOARD | Profiled moldboard design rolls and folds snow, maximizing capacity of the snow wing and improving productivity by minimizing snow clinging to its surface.

BOLT-ON STEP | Bolt-on step provides safe and ergonomic access to the cab that is easily replaceable if damaged.

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