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Uncertainty is a fact of life in your business. For example, on any given day deadlines move, job scope shifts, the weather turns, equipment goes down. As a result, problems like this can really alter a project schedule. Also, additional equipment, repairs, and unexpected costs reduce profits. But, think of equipment rental as a quick fix to many problems. When change happens, flex your fleet with equipment rental and work tools from The Cat Rental Store.

Find out how the rental team at The Cat Rental Store can help you respond quickly to changes in your business. First, we’ll help you easily manage getting the work done by renting anything additional you need. Then you can take on more projects and schedule your equipment needs once the work is guaranteed. We’ll keep you up, running and earning revenue, today and every day.

We can help. Do you need a large excavator near Cadiz for mining? Or a mini excavator and skid steer in Toledo for landscaping services? Maybe you need a telehandler in Columbus or a boom lift in Cincinnati for a residential construction project. Whatever your needs are, you’ll find our equipment rental availability covers a wide range of needs and our sales reps are quick and reliable. They’ll keep you running and get your job going.

View the locations page to find the Cat Rental Store nearest you. Then, you can contact a Cat Rental Store equipment rental rep to receive a free consultation and equipment quotes.

We have stores in Cadiz, Cincinnati, Columbus, N Canton, Toledo, Troy, Youngstown, Zanesville, and Richwood Kentucky.

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The Cat Rental Store offers…

  • Quick, convenient service.
  • Short, medium, and long-term rentals at competitive rates.
  • New and low-hour Cat® machines and engines, loaded with technology and features that boost productivity and save fuel.
  • Buckets, work tools and auxillary equipment.
  • Allied brands which include boom lifts, scissor lifts, air compressors, light towers, generators, and more.
  • Custom bypass, dewatering and full service pump solutions.
  • Aggregates equipment for crushing, screening, and conveying.
  • Reliable maintenance and service.
  • Rental experts who understand your business.
  • Financing plans that let you apply rental payments to purchase (subject to terms prior to rental agreement for payments to qualify).



  1. Quickly add capability and compete for new business.
  2. Rent equipment that is typically used only on occasion.
  3. Try a different size machine to test system efficiency.
  4. Rent a more fuel-efficient model to do more work with every tank.
  5. Make sure a new product meets your performance expectations before you commit to buying it.
  6. Get comfortable with new features like telematics and other technologies without making a big investment.
  7. Hold fewer depreciating assets.
  8. Reduce or wipe out storage costs.
  9. No maintenance needed – we service all equipment rentals
  10. Control cash flow and save your capital for other priorities.

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