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Cat Equipment Management application

Now there’s a website where you can get access to all your equipment data from any location, using any device and with a single login. There you’ll find critical information about all the machines you use, plus helpful tools to make your job easier.

Benefits of Using My.Cat.Com

With you’ll find data from more than a dozen different Caterpillar and Cat dealer sources, all in one place—everything from PM schedules, parts and service records and inspection reports to info about rental contracts, warranty coverage, safety issues and more. Here’s what you can do:

  • Schedule Preventative Maintenance (PM) service
  • Check a machine’s parts or service history
  • Manage open work orders
  • Review results from fluid analysis
  • Verify warranty or Equipment Protection Plan coverage
  • Extend a maintenance contract
  • Manage your rental equipment
  • Act on Safety Service Letter notifications
  • Monitor location, hours, events and fuel on machines subscribed to Cat Daily or VisionLink®
  • Access/review Operation & Maintenance Manuals (OMMs)
  • Cat Rewards loyalty program for parts and service

And that’s just the beginning. Once you see what’s available through My.Cat.Com, you’ll find plenty of ways to use it.  You’ll find things like basic PM schedules and online OMMs. You’ll also have access to a simple planning tool that can help you stay organized. Use it to identify tasks, create a to-do list, assign them to staff, sort them in different ways or even allocate machines to various areas of your work site.

What happens to the other web platforms I already use—VisionLink for example?

You’ll still use VisionLink and other web platforms, but now
you’ll have the option to access select data from these sources through
My.Cat.Com. With VisionLink, for example, you’ll see high-level data
about hours, location and events on the My.Cat.Com dashboard.
If you want more details, click on a link and go directly to VisionLink.

I don’t use Product Link™ or VisionLink. What does My.Cat.Com offer me?
Much of the information available through My.Cat.Com has nothing to do with Product Link™ or VisionLink. So even if your equipment isn’t connected, you’ll save time and reduce headaches
by having quick, easy access to your parts and service records, PM schedules, rental history, warranty coverage and more. However, with the purchase of a new piece of Cat equipment starting Jan. 1, 2017, you get a complimentary five-year subscription to Cat Daily on My.Cat.Com, so you can start seeing how valuable critical fleet data is to your operation.

What is Cat Daily?
Cat Daily gives you the ability to monitor asset data and helps you better manage your fleet. This daily reporting functionality includes access to:
• Hours
• Location
• Events and event severity
• Fleet-level view of idle/working hours
• Fleet-level view of idle/working fuel burn

Why should I subscribe to Cat Daily?
Cat Daily feeds data into My.Cat.Com, providing critical information on a daily basis that will allow users to control cost, improve operations and maintain an accurate picture of equipment health.

Who has access to Cat Daily?
A Cat Daily subscription is available for purchase to activate telematics data on assets connected to a select Product Link device. Construction prime products sold on Jan. 1, 2017, or later with factory-installed Product Link Elite, Pro or Basic devices will receive a five-year complimentary trial of Cat Daily via My.Cat.Com. Talk to your dealer about taking advantage of this opportunity!

How much does this cost?
There’s no charge to register or use My.Cat.Com. For Cat Daily to be visible on your My.Cat.Com account, you will need to purchase a Cat Daily subscription or receive a complimentary five-year offer through your purchase of a qualifying asset. How will you keep my information secure? Caterpillar cares about the safety and security of your transaction(s) on My.Cat.Com. We redirect visitors to a secure server to transfer and receive certain types of sensitive data, such as credit card information, and take precautions against physical and electronic intrusion to protect against loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from visitors to My.Cat.Com.
For more information, visit

How do I sign up?
The easiest way is to go to My.Cat.Com and click on the box that says REGISTER. You’ll enter some basic information about your company and your equipment, then get access to some of the resources available through My.Cat.Com (things like general PM info, online OMMs and task functionality). The next step will require spending a little time with your dealer to confirm details about your equipment. Once that’s done, you’ll have full access to everything at My.Cat.Com. To subscribe to Cat Daily, contact your dealer.

I work with three different dealers. Do I need to sign up with all of them?
No. You’ll register once and include the name of each dealer you work with. All of your data across dealers will be availablein one place. My.Cat.Com makes sure everyone stays in the loop.

What if my fleet changes after I’ve registered?
Your Cat dealer will have a record of anything that you bought, traded, sold or rented through the dealership, as will any other dealer you work with, so as those transactions take place, your fleet information will be automatically updated. But if your dealer is not involved when you acquire or dispose of assets, please inform them so that you can keep your info up to date.

Can I make changes to fleet information by myself or does my dealer have to do that?
You’ll be able to change asset ID numbers (the numbers you assign to your machines) and service meter information.You can also enter information about any maintenance or service work you do on your own. Everything else will be automatically updated by the system.



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