Natural Gas Generators

Whether you need a natural gas prime, continuous, or standby generator, Ohio CAT is committed to helping businesses find power generation solutions that work for them. Part of that commitment involves offering generators compatible with alternative fuel sources, including natural gas. Abundant, economical, and cleaner-burning than conventional fuels, natural gas is an excellent choice for a wide range of commercial power generation applications. Each Cat natural gas genset is engineered and designed for optimal performance.

Why Buy a Natural Gas Generator?

Buying a natural gas continuous/prime/standby generator means you don’t have to worry about keeping fuel on hand. If you have the option of using a natural gas generator, you can benefit from improved efficiency, lower operating costs fewer emissions. Natural gas generators also don’t produce the strong odors associated with diesel fuel.

Our Inventory

Ohio CAT offers natural gas generators ranging in size from 30kW to 8,150kW. Cat gensets deliver the power you require along with low fuel consumption and reduced long-term operating costs. No matter the type of application, power requirements, or regulatory environment, our experienced team will help you find the eco-friendly natural gas generator for sale you need in stock.

Benefits of choosing an industrial or retail generator manufactured by Caterpillar include:

  • Easy to master user interface and precision controls that increase efficiency
  • High-performance electrical power generation running on low-pressure gaseous fuels
  • Cutting edge ignition systems and air/fuel ratio control for green operation

We sell larger natural gas generators for industrial use, commercial buildings, and other heavy-duty applications.

Generators for Grocery Stores, Nursing Homes & Shopping Malls

Use our natural gas generator sets for both prime and standby power generators. Small-to mid-sized retail generators are ideal for powering storefronts, nursing homes, grocery stores, shopping malls, and other properties with an existing natural gas connection.

Buy with Confidence through SOURCEWELL (formerly NJPA)

Caterpillar proudly supports the Sourcewell Contract #120617-CAT.

Discover a purchasing path that offers quality products, service, and support. Caterpillar is proud to be a Sourcewell vendor and is excited about the opportunity to provide members with power solutions.

When working with Ohio CAT, Sourcewell members can select from a range of diesel and natural gas CAT generators from 40kW – 4000kW to meet your specific needs. You’ll also get the unmatched product support and service you can expect from Ohio CAT. Contract  #120617-CAT is offering Free 4 Year Extended Service Coverage on qualifying Diesel and Natural Gas Generators.

As a member of Sourcewell, you’ll. . .

  • Remove time and expense of purchasing process by using a nationally bid contract.
  • Avoid time spent waiting for responses
  • Avoid the unpredictability of a low-bid scenario
  • Get to purchase quality equipment at a greater value
  • Work directly with Ohio CAT to meet your needs.

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An Ohio CAT Power Systems representative can help determine whether or not a natural gas genset is the right choice for you. We have locations in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Toledo.  Contact your nearest Power Systems sales representative for more information: Power Systems Locations