CAT Industrial & OEM Service –  Engines

Cat equipment runs on powerful engines. A well-maintained engine will lower your operating costs and add years to the lifecycle of your machinery. Keep yours running its best with expert support from the service team at Ohio CAT. For over 75 years, we have been providing maintenance and repairs for everything we sell. Ohio CAT is the exclusive, authorized dealer for Caterpillar equipment and engines throughout Ohio, northern Kentucky, and southeastern Indiana.  Ohio CAT is your parts and service provider for CAT industrial and OEM engines.

Services available include:

  • CAT Engine Repair and Service
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Consultation, Specification and Engineering
  • Vibration Analysis
  • On-Staff Caterpillar 3600 Series Commissioning Engineer

24 hour emergency service is available.

Ohio CAT offers preventative maintenance programs to get the most out of your industrial or OEM engines. Our programs are tailored to meet your needs in order to keep costs down and efficiency up.

Scheduled Oil Sampling

The oil in your engine can provide a close up look at its health. Through the Caterpillar Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) protocol, Ohio CAT can monitor important trends in your engine oil and fluids, including the presence of wear metals and other contaminants. As parts of your engine age, they release metal particulate into your oil and fluids. By monitoring the level of these particles, we can obtain an accurate picture of how much life your various engine components have left. This allows you to schedule maintenance more effectively and to save money by preventing you from prematurely replacing usable parts.  Oil samples collected from a Caterpillar industrial engine can be dropped off at any of our locations for immediate testing.

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