Industrial Air Compressor Rentals

Compressed Air is often referred to as the “fourth utility,” joining electricity, natural gas, and water as an essential service in most industrial and commercial facilities. Compressed air is used for thermostatic controls, valve and damper actuation, purging, charging, processing, material transfer, Instrumentation, tools, and many other specialized applications. Construction, mining, exploration, and drilling operations also rely on compressed air to power processes and applications.

For most of these businesses, compressed air systems are integral to critical processes and must run continuously. As a result, planned shutdowns, emergencies, facility expansions, and new construction provide opportunities for rental compressed air systems. With the addition of a full line of portable rotary screw compressors and ancillary equipment to their rental power fleets, Cat dealerships are uniquely positioned to win this business.

If your business requires a reliable source of clean, dry compressed air, Ohio CAT can help. We rent industrial air compressors of various sizes and configurations, as well as all related accessories and components. Rent by the day, the week, or the month – our affordable rates make renting a viable alternative to buying outright, in addition to being an ideal solution for any temporary equipment needs.

Air Compressor Rental Options

Ohio CAT rents air compressors for every application. Available industrial compressor rentals include: 

  • Rotary screw compressors deliver air output levels between 375 and 1,600 CFM. These industrial-strength units are powered by high-efficiency diesel engines and feature a sound-attenuated enclosure that keeps noise levels to a minimum. We carry both standard units rated to 150 psig for powering tools, including high-pressure compressors that can provide 350 or 500 psig to drive various industrial processes.
  • Oil-free air compressors for use in cleanrooms and other sensitive environments. Even the best-lubricated compressors can admit some degree of oil contamination into their air outputs. Oil-free compressors solve this problem, making them suitable for use around sensitive machinery and in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and other applications.
  • Electric air compressors have variable speed drive and spiral valve technology. Because they require no separate fuel source, our electric compressors are more portable and better suited for use in enclosed spaces. We rent flexible, economical units that can deliver up to 970 ACFM at pressures between 100 to 175 psig.
  • Industrial air dryers remove moisture from compressed air. Part of a complete compressed air solution, industrial desiccant dryers prevent airlines from freezing and reduce the risk of contamination that can lead to failure. Our rental units are oil- and aerosol-free, and feature an advanced regenerative filtration system that ensures exceptional output purity in the most demanding applications.

Industrial Package Features:

  • Flexibility – capacity/pressure
  • Variable speed drive
  • Premium efficiency TEFC motor
  • Backup full voltage starter
  • Draggable oilfield-type skid
  • Heavy-duty quiet enclosure
  • Rugged construction

For more information or assistance from a rental representative (available 24/7), call 800-637-5000.

375 HAF Air Compressor

375 HAF Portable Air Compressor Rental (150 PSI after cooled, and filtered)

Dimensions: L: 13’ W: 6’ 4”H: 6’ 1”
4,420 lbs 
Air Output:
375 cfm

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750 Air Compressor750 HAF Portable Air Compressor Rental (150 PSI after cooled, and filtered)

Dimensions: L: 15’ 9” x W: 7’ 2” x H: 6’ 9”
 10,600 lbs
Air Output:
750 cfm

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900HAF Air Compressor

900 HAF Portable Air Compressor Rental (150 PSI after cooled, and filtered)

Dimensions: L: 15′ 9″ x W: 7′ 2″ x H: 6′ 9″
 10,600 lbs
Air Output:
900 cfm

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PSD-Rental-Air-Compressor-900XHH900 XHH Portable Air Compressor Rental (350 or 500 PSI after cooled, and filtered)

Dimensions: L: 20′ x W: 7′ 3″ x H: 7′ 6″
16,040 lbs
Air Output:
900 cfm 1150 cfm

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1600 HAF Air Compressor1600 HAF Portable Air Compressor Rental

Dimensions: L: 20′ x W: 7’3″ x H: 7′ 7″
16,620 lbs
Air Output:
1600 cfm


Oil Free Air Compressor

Oil-Free Air Compressor Rental

Dimensions: L: 19′ x W: 7′ 3″ x H: 8′ 1″
25,000 lbs
Air Output:
1550 acfm

900 CFM Electric Air Compressor Rental TSR20

Dimension:  L: 13′ x W: 6′ 1″ x H: 7′ 1″
Weight: 11,600 lbs
Air Output: 380 – 970 acfm range

1600 CFM Electric Air Compressor Rental TSR32

Dimension:  L: 18′ 3″ x W: 7′ x H: 8′ 6″ ″
Weight: 19,900 lbs
Air Output: 784 -1600 acfm range


Rental Air DryerDesiccant Air Dryer Rental

Model: SSDR-1710
Working Weight (lbs): 5,500 lbs.
L: 9’8″ W: 6’2″ H: 7’8″