375 HAF Portable Air Compressor Rental
(150 PSI after cooled, and filtered)

The System Goes Anywhere
Air compressor rental sytems from Ohio CAT are designed to go anywhere. From manufacturing plants to construction sites, the system provides “instant” instrument quality air in any work setting.

Operates Efficiently
The system uses no air to operate the aftercooler or filter system. Therefore none of the system’s air is consumed or lost.
Runs Quietly
The system meets EPA noise regulations of 76 dBA @ 7m.

Easy Start-Up
No special set-up or preparation is necessary at the work site. Normal start/run procedure is all that is required to obtain instrument quality air. Easy-to-operate valves allow the compressor to be used for both instrument quality air (A) and standard air (B). A–Instrument Quality Air Particles <0.01 micron, Oil content<0.01 micron B–Standard Air Not aftercooled or filtered A B.

Model:  375HAF
Air Output:  375 cfm
Rated Pressure:  150 psig
Fuel Tank Capacity:  56
Working Weight (lbs):  4,420 lbs
L: 13’ W: 6’ 4”H:  6’ 1”
Fuel Consumption (GPH): 6.45

Package Design Features of the 375 HAF Air Compressor Rental Unit:
• Dependable Rotary Screw Compressor
• Single-stage, fluid flooded, with cast iron housing.
• Ample, Pad-Lockable Service Doors
• Front, side and rear doors provide easy access.
• 0 to 100% Capacity Control
• Automatic inlet valve and unloaded starting.
• Two-Stage DryType Air Filters with Safety Element
• Positioned to draw cool outside air.
• AWF Compressor Fluid
• Provides faster, easier cold weather startups. Tolerates and separates water easily. Reduced fluid carryover extends filter life.


  • Air-Powered Controls, Valves, Dampers & Cylinders
  • General Purpose Construction Air
  • General Purpose Plant Air
  • Mining and Drilling Applications
  • Painting and Sandblasting
  • Pneumatic Material Transfer
  • Ice Blasting
  • Air tools
  • Irrigation Blowouts / Winterization
  • Air Lancing for Crack Blowout prior to Tar Sealing
  • Blowing of Telecommunication Lines through Conduit
  • Wind Farms (lines going to these towers are blown through conduit)
  • Sewer Cleaning

For more information or assistance from a rental representative, call 800-637-5000.