Twin Tower Desiccant SSDR Air Dryer Rentals

Ohio CAT’s Oil-Free System consists of a compressor and new SSDR regenerative dryer and filter package. The air dryer rental system delivers air that contains no aerosols, no particulate larger than 0.01 micron and less than 0.01 parts per million of liquid lubricant contaminants. The dry air is filtered to remove atmospheric particulate, liquid aerosols and other pollutants to provide compressed air for the most critical application. Our SSDR air dryer rentals offer many features that make these the ideal desiccant dryer

Regenerative desiccant dryers use an activated alumina bead to absorb moisture as the compressed air passes around these small beads. These units can dry the air down to -40 degrees F/C or lower. This dryer can be used outdoors and for most applications. Dryers are sometimes used in conjunction with aftercoolers. These devices are usually used upstream from a dryer, where they cool the air and remove some of the moisture.

Model: SSDR-1710
Working Weight (lbs): 5,500 lbs.
L: 9’8″ W: 6’2″ H: 7’8″

Instrument Quality Air
The air from the Ohio CAT’s Oil-Free System meets or exceeds the most stringent ISO standard (ISO 8573.1) for air quality.

Standard Features
• Rated at -40° dew point at 100 psig
• Dryer mounted on draggable skid with air “in” and “out”, and power connections
• Rugged design suited for the rental industry
• Mounted pre-filter with DP gauge to protect desiccant bed from oil and particulate contamination
• Mounted after-filter with DP gauge to remove dust and desiccant fines from final air system
• Ball float drain standard on pre-filter.
• NEMA 4 electrics for outdoor operation
• Fail-safe valves so flow will not be interrupted should the dryer shutdown
• Maximum operating pressure: 175 psig
• ASME VIII coded pressure vessels with 1/16-inch corrosion allowance
• High impact, scratch and corrosion resistant, acrylic polyurethane paint
• At-a-glance moisture indicator to verify performance

For more information or assistance from a rental representative, call 800-637-5000.