1600 CFM Electric Air Compressor Rental TSR32

Energy savings and a wide range of capabilities and pressures are built in to the TSR-20 electric air compressor rental units from Ohio CAT. The energy savings are derived from the variable speed drive and spiral valve technology. In addition, these units require no diesel fuel.

Model:  TSR-32
Air Output:  784 -1600 acfm range
Rated Pressure:  100 – 175 psig range
Working Weight (lbs):  19,900 lbs
L: 18′ 3″ W: 7′ H:  8′ 6″

Total Flexibility to Meet a Variety of Specifications
• Variable speed drive
• 380 to 970 acfm range
• 100 to 175 psig range
• Operating temperature range of 20°F to 120°F
Package Design Features of the TSR-20 Electric Air Compressor Rental Unit:
• Self-contained package
• Cold weather protection
• Suited for use outdoors
• Oil field skid
• Fork lift pockets
• Heavy-duty sound-attenuated enclosure
• Easy-access doors
• Heavy-duty air inlet filter
• Air-cooled package
Energy Savings are Derived From:
• Variable speed drive
• Spiral valve
• Premium efficiency TEFC flanged mounted motor
User-friendly, Rental-ready Features:
• Built-in circuit breaker
• Fully automated controls
• Cam lock connections

• Emergency air
• Standby air
• Supplemental air
• Peak Load Shaving
• Critical Process Air
• Atomization of Water to Produce Snow

For more information or assistance from a rental representative, call 800-637-5000.