You need to have confidence that your battery will start your equipment every time, even in the most adverse environments and extreme temperatures. The best way to assure your commercial equipment and automotive vehicle will start is to install Cat® Premium High Output, General Service Line or Uninterruptible Power Supply batteries that are manufactured to Caterpillar's high quality standards.

Proven Power for Extreme Productivity

Typical below-freezing weather is here and in harsh winter conditions like this, more than ever, you need to have your machines start up when you need it. Don't get stuck in the cold!  With our battery special, now is the best time to think about replacing your battery - save 25% when you mention this email!

When you count on your equipment to endure extreme weather, navigate extreme terrain and perform extreme jobs, you depend on a battery that will start when you need it to. That’s why Caterpillar goes to extremes in design and testing standards to power your equipment with the best batteries in the business. Cat® Premium High Output (PHO) batteries out-test, out-perform and outlast the competition to ensure your equipment can go all-out for the long haul, even in the harshest environments.

Cat Premium High Output (PHO) batteries, standard in all new Cat machines are best in class. Available in wet or dry configurations and both maintenance-free and low-maintenance design options, their extraordinary vibration-resistance, reserve capacity, recharge vigor and starting power—particularly cold starts—set them apart from the competition. They’ve even earned the industry’s top honor (rating) for cold cranking amp (CCA) batteries.  So when looking for a battery to handle this cold, come see us.


30-Day Complete Discharge Test
Even when fully discharged for an entire month, Cat PHO batteries pummel the competition by recharging to 25 amps within 60 minutes,and we have testing data to prove it. The batteries’ premium materials and construction ensure your equipment will be back on the job within the hour.

Cold Soak Test
When bitter temps hit your equipment, they are no match for the vigor of Cat PHO batteries, which can endure these extremes—proven through harsh cold soak testing to -40°C. These climate-tough batteries will allow your equally cold machines to start right up, so you won’t take a hit in productivity.

Heavy-Duty Lifecycle Test
To make sure your gensets and equipment can withstand the most severe service applications—like powering a construction site through an Antarctic winter—Cat PHO batteries are built to endure the most extreme. The SAE J2185 heavy-duty lifecycle test proves their power so you can approach like conditions with confidence.
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