612T Trommel Screening Plant for Mulch & Compost

Trommel Plant for mulch and compost aggregates 612T Screen Machine
Heavy Mulch & Compost work calls for the 612T Trommel Screening Plant

The 612T Trommel Screening Plant is a self-contained, diesel-powered, track-mounted rotary screening plant designed to separate topsoil, compost and green waste materials by size. It features wireless remote controls and a direct open-feed hopper with a large 6′ x 12′ (1.8m x 3.6m) drum, creating 160 square feet (48.7m Sq.) of screening area. The pile height generated by the side discharge conveyor combined with the tracked undercarriage creates tremendous windrow stockpiling capabilities. While commonly used with municipal solid waste, it also is a landscaper’s ultimate high-capacity processing plant.

Hammermill Shredder

The 612T is available with Screen Machine’s patented Hammermill Shredder.  Since Trommel screens are commonly used in applications like dirt or topsoil, where material often sticks together or sticks to the screen, the result is a lot of wasted potential product that never gets “screened.” Screen Machine’s patented solution – US Patent #7121487 – is 44 hardened blades spinning at 1,200 rpm. These blades pulverize dirt products and break up clumps, creating more fines with less oversize

Mulch Coloring

Because the 612T is an ideal mulch solution, Ohio Cat can also equip it with a coloring attachment. This attachment prepares mulch with the rich color needed for ready-to-deliver landscape products. This unique solution allows a clean, simple process — purchasing the 612T with coloring ability allows you to own one machine with dual purposes.


  • Wireless remote control movement & operation
  • Four wheel drive with twin motors – gives extra traction when screening heavy, wet materials
  • Self cleaning brushes ensure clean screen for continuous operation
  • Multiple screen choices for various material needs

View the video to see the 612T in action.

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